Dr. Steven Passmore

DC, PhD, University of Manitoba
  • 2010–2015 Professorship in Spine Biomechanics and Human Neurophysiology


Dr. Passmore’s research shows the success of chiropractic treatment to under-serviced populations.

“By including chiropractors in the primary care team, healthcare providers were able to become familiar with each other in the same environment. Clinicians were able to track the results of chiropractic intervention with their patients, and become comfortable referring their patients to a chiropractor.” – Dr. Steven Passmore

Chiropractic Integration with Primary Healthcare Teams

Part of Dr. Passmore’s research investigates the impact of including chiropractic care within interdisciplinary health teams. In 2011, he began collecting chiropractic patient data at Mount Carmel Clinic (MCC) – a non-profit, inner-city community health centre that serves the area with the highest unemployment rate and lowest average family income in Winnipeg. MCC patients can be referred to the chiropractic clinic by the primary care team, including both nurse practitioners and family physicians.

Through the MCC Chiropractic program data, Dr. Passmore found that in 154 out of 161 cases (96%), patients did not warrant referral to another healthcare provider upon completion of their chiropractic care. Additionally, 82% of patients said that their initial chiropractic visit saved them from making another visit to their primary care physician.

“My quality of life was a three out of ten before seeing the chiropractor. Now it’s at a nine out of ten. As far as I can see, it’s a 100% improvement in my back pain!” – Corbett Ducharme, low back pain, MCC patient


Dr. Passmore’s research illustrates the successful integration of chiropractic care in a healthcare team.

Integrating chiropractic care into the MCC’s primary care team resulted in a lower incidence of ongoing referrals to other providers. It also increased the amount of time primary care providers could spend interacting with patients who were actually in need of their services.

The integration of chiropractic services within the MCC’s publicly-funded clinic reported these positive results:

  • Providing a specialized service for referral by other healthcare providers
  • Reducing pain in patients with acute and chronic spine or extremity pain (95% of participants experienced a reduction in pain)
  • Providing a valued service to patients who would otherwise be unable to afford chiropractic care

“It’s been very helpful to have access to chiropractic care for people with both acute and chronic MSK complaints, especially having non-pharma options. Also, these clients sometimes have time and travel issues, so having the chiropractors in the same clinic really helps to serve this population.” – Dr. MacCauley, MD, Mount Carmel Clinic

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