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Three (3)

Three (3) Years

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July 30, 2019

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August 26, 2019

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The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (“CCRF”) invites applications for the role of Provincial Delegate to serve on the recently established Research Committee (“RC”).

Committee Overview
The RC assesses submitted research proposals and makes recommendations for funding to the CCRF board. Board approved proposals will receive financial support from the CCRF general research fund. The RC has five members: (1) CCRF Committee Chair, (1) CCA Representative, (3) Provincial Delegates.

This committee will oversee a formal Request for Proposal (“RFP”) process and receive advice from a Scientific Advisory Group. RFPs will align with CCRF’s four national priorities areas: basic science, health systems, clinical science and population health.

Position Overview
With full support from the CCRF Executive Director and RC Chair, each Provincial Delegate will be engaged in committee planning, promotion, evaluation, reporting and assessment. These strategic and tactical activities will be coordinated to ensure the committee identifies high quality research designed to advance patient care and enhance the reputation of the chiropractic profession.

Delegates must be committed to the mission of the CCRF, stay informed about the general activities of the charity, and stay up to date about wider issues impacting its work. The RC will meet quarterly via videoconference. This role requires an average time commitment of 2-3 hours per week.


  • Reviews/assesses all proposal submissions and makes clear recommendations
  • Participates in RFP process and makes suggestions for continuous improvement
  • Regularly reviews scientific advice to inform decision-making and direct applicants
  • Provides feedback to scientific advisors in coordination with all RC delegates
  • Offers general guidance to ensure research is focused, defensible and valid
  • Provides insights to build capacity and external relationships (e.g., association and grant support)
  • Acts as an ambassador for research, communicating the value of the RC to various stakeholders
  • Assists with strategic planning, supporting RC growth and sustainability
  • Provides creative ideas and contacts to build a long-term network of support
  • Identifies research and committee best-practices from other professions
  • Suggests avenues to support RC promotion and marketing (e.g., earned media)


  • Supports governance (e.g., RC charter, CCRF by-laws) and compliance including charitable law
  • Encourages the efficient use of available resources
  • Accepts and conveys the value of consensus decision-making
  • Develops a strong understanding of the “CCRF Guide to the RFP Process”
  • Engages in risk management assessment and decision-making
  • Monitors economic controls (e.g., accounting policies, financial statements)
  • Reviews and approves reports


  • Established success evaluating projects and/or proposals
  • Long standing collegial relationships within the national chiropractic research community
  • Strong strategic and operational planning skills (e.g., familiarity with measurable objectives, experience monitoring project progress)
  • Good understanding of the existing & potential public benefits provided by chiropractic research
  • Experience serving on not-for-profit boards and/or committees
  • Ability to demonstrate competency in a range of leadership areas (e.g., financial management, law, media relations, change management, public speaking, policymaking, etc.)
  • Effective team member with a history of building strong working relationships

Serving on this committee will provide all members with direct access to emerging Canadian research. These insights will allow provincial delegates to increase their leadership profile, establish and/or deepen professional relationships and expand their network both within and beyond the profession. In addition, participants will hone their management skills in important functional areas such as workflow, decision-making, public policy, team development and project evaluation.

About CCRF
The CCRF is a registered charity dedicated to funding research to improve the lives of Canadians living with musculoskeletal pain and disability.

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