Dr. Greg Kawchuk

DC, PhD, University of Alberta
  • 2001-2004 CCRF Research Chair in Spinal Function


Dr. Kawchuk’s research reinforces the validity of therapeutic manipulation.

“Our research is moving past the ‘one size fits all’ approach. We want to give chiropractors the tools to personalize their care. No one wants generic treatment, they want treatment that’s specific to them, that works for the problem they’re having … and that’s what we’re about, trying to find those treatments.” Dr. Greg Kawchuk

Right Patient. Right Care. Right Time.

From the very first day of Dr. Kawchuk’s career, the efficacy of chiropractic manipulation was in question. Since then, his team has proven that manipulation does work for patients with acute low back pain – a significant discovery that reinforces the validity of a primary chiropractic technique.

Dr. Kawchuk’s team researches personalized, precision approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of back problems. They are working to create back pain strategies that provide the right interventions for the right patients at the right time.

Dr. Kawchuk’s team is now looking at the details of why it works for patients, and fine-tuning the best approach to care. They’re studying the following questions:

  • Why and how does it work for patients with chronic back pain?
  • Why and how does it work for patients with acute injuries?

The team is also researching the best dosage of care and how therapies may be applied in the prevention of back pain.


Dr. Kawchuk is now developing personalized care models for chiropractic patients.

Dr. Kawchuk’s research is developing personalized, evidence-informed care models for chiropractors. With Dr. Kawchuk’s research, future chiropractors will be able to select the most appropriate treatments from a spectrum of approaches, customizing the best care to each patient.

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